4​+​5 Fingers of Death

from PeoplesCourtComplete by AuggieThe9th



J.dilla's "workin on it


Another episode of reboots on my tv switch quick to misfits on the bbc hulu. Who knew the lude dude could spew tunes to these noobs I choose it’s the legion I stay sayin like I’m vegeta but where bulma at big titties and bubble back bobba fett I came to take this bounty and elee up outta county this is my track and I don’t give a fuck if you don’t like it. Now lets get back to the point at hand don’t point your hands I’ll destroy your fans pans I’m robin Williams so I never fucks wit a hook like dustin hoffman I’m dustin august you can call me fuckin Awesome me an show you suck do stuff in Austin your followers looks like a bunch of bros who’re in love with suasage I’m fuckin awkward with these pauses there aint no rappin ass rappers just a bunch of swaggin as swaggers more faggoter than assless chap dancers. And did I say faggot? Cause I meant to say faggot. I got gay friends that ass fuck a lot and they don’t even qualify for that shit so tough chapped tat tits as cut as rough rashed gashed dad dicks. If you don’t want me to say it I already say it I jus don’t display it as much as the beat is repeatin playing it its gotham I’m the darkest knight your simply a kid who’s on the mic I’m the king of pop up in a santa suit special k gave a damaged tooth my pops wunt there either so fuckin can it bruce uhmm banner or wayne it doesn’t matter both them complain enough to leave the liners of they panties stained but one could occupy Chicago when I was youn laaad I thought I had vital ago black guy lookin white verses from left field so I’m know for lookin always right its nonsensical but lyrical flippin the script its literal whatever happened to that show queer as folk if lifes a bitch then put her to death or dick her to sleep oh yeah nigga nick did the beat mission complete frito rap this is defeat ye who is of the little weezes its just me kids peace it’s the le-gion


from PeoplesCourtComplete, track released July 9, 2012
Instrumental- Five Fingers of Death


all rights reserved



Auggie the 9th Chicago, Illinois

Hailing from Chicago pretty much just follow me on Twitter @A9er and all will be revealed.

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